Chose your favourite photo in the catalogue and get it in any shape or form you want
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Example Photos -How to and What it could look like

Right now I have over 800 photos in this store, you can either look at the whole catalogue, chose a collection or search for colours, places or by motifes. I welcome any feedback or wishes that you might have for my store.

Here's a few example photos so you can get an idea of what a photo might look like framed.

I personally like black frames with most photos, I think it makes the photo pop.

To show off any picture, you should also have a passe-partout, that's the white board around the picture, most bought frames comes with a standard cut paper board. Just make sure you either order the right dimension of the photo, it should just be slightly bigger than the passe-partout, just so it gets held down by it. Or you order the size photo you prefer and then buy a frame with the right size passe-partout.

I usually make it easy for myself and buy my frames at IKEA, they state the size of the passe-partout on the frame's wrapping.