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About Me

, Hi, I am Stella, all the photos in this store are taken by me. I'm of mixed descent, my grandmother on my mothers side was from Greece and my grandfather on my mothers side was from Bulgaria. I'm also half Swedish, as my dad is Swedish and I was born in Sweden. I live in a suburb 25 km from Stockholm, Sweden, this is where I was born and so far I've never left. I've lived within these 5 km2 my whole life. I have a small, old house very close to stores and supermarkets, but I have deer, elk and fox in my garden. I live with a stray cat I call "Judas", whom I found in September 2005 and a longhaired dachshund called "Turre", born in 2003, so they're both getting quite old. You will probably notice that a lot of the photos in the Domestic Animals collection are of Turre, he's such a great model! I also have a small aquarium with about 15 fish and 2 shrimp. I had a Norwegian Fjord Horse "Gullan" for almost 22 years, we grew up together and she was a big part of my life obviously, when she died due to an accident in the pasture I left my horse life behind me, no other horse could really get through to me after her. But I do keep in contact with the friends I made during those years and my sister still has horses. My dream is to have chickens but as I travel a lot, it's quite enough for my family (parents and siblings) to take care of the animals I do have at the moment, which they do without any complaints even though they can't understand my love of travelling. The only one who understands and sometimes come with me is my niece, first time she travelled with me she was only 5 years old, now she's 22. I love to travel and when I do, I try not to be around other Swedish people if I can help it, I want to meet the locals if possible and that have given me a lot of friends all over the world and I love that Facebook lets me keep in contact with them all! I like to see the usual tourist sights though, for some reason I feel the need to see them for myself, so I do tourist a bit, but then, I do that in Sweden too even though I'm born there!

I also have an apartment in Thailand and I go there as often as possible as the climate is better for me.

When I travel I try not to look like a tourist, most people wouldn't spot me as a foreigner unless I'm in a country where the natives look a lot different from me. But of course, the camera sometimes give me away, because those people don't know that I carry a camera even when I'm at home.

For me, a memory isn't a memory without photos and the things I don't have photos of will be lost to me over time. I also have so many more places in the world I want to see and experience and of course photograph! I'm very good at actually getting to those places, one by one and try not to let them be only dreams.

The hope is that you too will like my photos, giving me the chance to get to more of those places on my bucket list and in the longrun, being able to share those photos with you as well.

I believe that nature doesn't need improvement, that means none of my photos are manipulated in any way! You can trust that I haven't been tweaking the colours, taken anything out of the photo or made the contrasts sharper. What I saw, is what you see and you don't have to wonder; What did it really look like?

The only thing I ever do to some of my photos are cropping and if I've cropped a photo it will be mentioned in the information on that photo. I also offer some of the photos in both colour and black and white. The ones that are offered in both variants are obviously changed from colour to black and white. The ones that is offered only in black and white, were taken in monochrome (black and white).

I have been interested in photography most of my life but I started around the age of 13, using my dads old Leica. I would develop the film myself and make copies. After a while it took too much time and effort and I had a break and started again when digital cameras came along. We are a family of photographers, my grandfather on my father's side was a photographer and writer and my dad and my siblings are all interested in photography on some level.

When I realised I had more than 100 000 photos in my archive and that many of them were quite good, I decided to have a look though them to see if any would be interesting to other people and I hope you like them! If there is something you think is missing in my store, please let me know and I will do my best to find photos in my archive or take photos that covers that too.

And of course, if you are buying for a hotel, hospital or other bigger businesses let me know and I will send you a quote, this will ensure you the best possible price if you require a large number of pictures.

Thank you for visiting my store and I hope you will enjoy my photos!