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I work two jobs

Yes, I have a day job too and sometimes it gets stressful, but sometimes I can actually do what's expected of me on my day job and still work on my own business at the same time. On my day job I work with really exciting suppliers and even more exciting customers. Last week I was in Belfast to visit a supplier, which is represented there by someone I've also considered a personal friend for many years. After the work was done on Thursday afternoon I got a few hours to myself and spent two of them at the Titanic museum. Not much to photograph there though, but so interesting they finally had to throw me out as they were closing, and this even though I've been there before (my collegues had to drag me out that time). I decided to walk back into central Belfast and ended up watching a few people (artists?) who were doing something really weird and hard to explain. But they were walking around without showing any emotion, while doing something weird, like walking a metal cup on a piece of string, or as in one man's case, walking on the top of the stone wall, with bare feet and paper tissues sticking out his nose and from time to time, crow as a rooster... On the back of one woman's shirt, it said; "Joy as political act", it's just that they really didn't seem to enjoy themselves.... they didn't look like they were having any fun at all. Then later, I finally figured out why the Titanic museum have the shape it has, of course, it's supposed to look like an iceberg! This week I'm back in Sweden and back in the office, but we still have those exciting customers I told you about! So two days in a row now, the Swedish Police Helicopter has flown in to land behind our premises as we're helping them with fitting some harnesses for tying down their life raft. So, this time I brought the camera and got a few nice photos. Too bad I didn't bring it the day before, as we had blue skies then, the blue helicopter looks even better with a blue backdrop!

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