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Swedes and photographers love spring time!

Two days ago spring really arrived and it did so during work hours. Swedes love spring and summer and like to be outdoors. I personally don't like snow, cold and winter and spring time is just such a great promise of the summer to be. Lucky enough it was still warm and sunny when I got back from work in the afternoon. About half of my garden is a very unuseful slope, in the summer I make sure to either wear rubber boots or to make a lot of noice if I ever go down there, as I figure that snakes might like the place more than I do. But in the spring it's filled with flowers, buds and new grass. In the afternoon, the sun lies just right if you want to get some nice photos, and I do! So I changed into some more durable clothes and took my camera with me and went down the slope. My dog "Turre" and my cat "Judas" followed me down, they seemed a bit surprised as I don't usually go down there. But when I got down on my belly to get some photos of the small flowers, they got really excited! I had to talk to them and pet them for a while before they got out of the way of my lens. Then Judas took place in a patch of sun and watched me from a little more distans. Turre on the other hand sees it as his duty to make sure nobody surprises me while I'm lying down on the ground. He usually sits down right next to me and then he looks really serious and important while he's scanning the area. It actually makes me feel quite safe when he does that when I pick mushrooms in the forest, or taking photos. I know, he's only a small dog, but I rely on him to tell me if someone is coming, or something I might say, there is a lot of moose in that forest! Well, I got some really nice photos that afternoon, I tried two of my lenses in combination and they aren't really supposed to be used together, but it really got me some nice, kind of dreamy photos. I never use filters, but I do use different lenses to get the effect I'm looking for and I like the feeling of movement when I use a big lense to photograph flowers for example, it makes leaves, twigs and other things look a bit abstract, blurry or  in motion. 

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