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What do I like to photograph?

People ask me that; "What do you like to photograph? The answer is easy, whatever I see and think could make a great photo. It doesn't matter if it's animals, buildings, landscape, motorcycles or cars. Yesterday evening I got invited by a friend to a private after work gathering, at a garage where peoplekeep their exclusive cars and I could take as many photos as I wanted. It proved to be a challenge as it was quite dark and the lights and people around would reflect in the shiny cars. But there was a very exclusive Porsche there and it was matt black and it was actually an ideal car to photograph in that environment and it almost made the photos look airbrushed and very cool indeed and I was very happy with the result. Because of the environment I didn't take any photos of the whole car, it just doesn't look good. Instead I got some photos of details.                    A nice dinner with my friends afterwards made the evening a complete success despite the heavy rain that we were having.

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